Working Out & Traveling


Kayaking in New Hampshire

Mike approached me about a blog post. He wants people to understand how important it is to make fitness a priotiy while traveling. He feels that this is crucial to your overall health. Well… as luck would have it, so do I!!

I think staying active is one of the most important things a person can do. Physical activity has been linked to so many benefits. Studies have shown it to improve executive brain function, depression, and health in general. Who wouldn’t want to move a little in their day?

Staying active while traveling can be tough. But, once you get out of that fitness routine, it’s even tougher to get back into it. Why not make it a priority? Here are some of Mike’s suggestions! 

Make Fitness a Priority While Traveling
Keeping up with your diet and fitness routine while traveling can be difficult, but it is important to maintain good health at all times.  Learn more about the places that you are traveling to in order to make fitness a priority during your travels.

Know Before You Go

Staying aware of your surroundings when you travel is important, and one of the best ways to keep informed is by conducting your own research before you leave.  Many hotels offer deluxe fitness centers that go above and beyond the standard treadmill in a small room that was once the norm.  Fitness classes may even be available at some hotels.

It is important to plan ahead by booking any fitness options that you need when you are booking your hotel.  Fitness classes that are available at hotels are typically limited to a set number of participants.  Try to book travel that allows you to adhere to your normal fitness routine if possible.  Maintaining a routine is the best way to stay healthy while traveling and at home.  On a recent trip to Maui I made sure to use a travel review site in order to secure the best option for a hotel. I was able to get a list of Maui hotels and could scan through to see if they had 24-hour gyms.

Healthy and Fit Travel Tips

One barrier to staying healthy while traveling is the fact that you have to eat at restaurants while staying in a hotel.  USA Today suggests having a plan of action when it comes to the food you plan to eat on the road.  Packing snacks for a flight or road trip can help you while you’re getting to your destination, but how do you plan for eating during your stay?

Learn about restaurants in the area before you go on your trip.  Try to find menus online to help you plan for a meal that fits your unique dietary needs.  Avoid settling for fast food, and remember to stay hydrated at all times.  Dehydration can make you feel sluggish and may even contribute to overeating.

The Latest Fitness and Travel Trends

Running has become a popular pastime, and anyone who enjoys to run can find a friend in any city.  If you are exploring a new city while traveling, the Huffington Post suggests that you take note of people who are wearing running shoes so you can ask for running path suggestions.  Getting to know the locals is a great way to learn about hidden fitness gems around a new city.

Stress On the Road 

Business travel is particularly stressful.  The buildup to traveling for business causes anxiety. Dealing with reservations and conferences can put a lot of pressure on a person. Inc. Magazine recommends maintaining a health and fitness routine in your hotel room to keep your stress level down.  Try light exercises whenever possible, and stay positive for the best results.

It’s not easy to stay fit and healthy while traveling, but it is important to your overall health. Make an effort to eat healthy and exercise whether you are at home or on the road.  Research exercise options and restaurants before you leave to stay informed about your destination.


Butterfly pull-ups in California. Jeans won’t stop me 🙂

When traveling, I have always made fitness a priority. I don’t feel like I am functioning optimally when I am not active. Without activity my body feels heavier, my energy level is lower, and I definitely feel a little depressed. That’s why the last nine months have been so hard for me. I’m not used to “taking it easy”.

I remember going to Jamaicia and varying up my fitness routine by teaching some water aerobics. I had no idea what I was doing, but the people on the resort loved me. And, it was fun to take over the pool for a couple days a week.

I did Yoga in Cabo and ran stairs in Italy. In Alabama, I ran outside and did pool workouts from CrossFit endurance. When camping, my boyfriend and I brought rings and did some bodyweight WODs. We hiked mountains, ran trails and had swimming races. In Aruba, I ran the beach and did lots of flipping! There’s always something you can do!


Flipping in Aruba. PreCrossFit. I’m so much better now!


I understand it may be more difficult to make time for fitness when you are on a business trip, but there are so many options! A tabata work out will only take you four minutes and you can do it right in your hotel room! You can do tabata squats, tabata sit-ups, tabata push-ups… tabata anything. The list is endless.

Check out for some different workout ideas. Visit a CrossFit gym. They are everywhere now! What a good way to learn some new tips and meet other members of this large community we are part of?

Whatever you do, do something! Have fun doing it. You’ll feel much better about yourself afterwards!


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