Winning, is it EVERYTHING?

Winning, is it EVERYTHING??

Me at NE Regionals, 2013

Me at NE Regionals, 2013

Do you know the feeling you get when you win? It’s like eating a big piece of chocolate fudge cake or Ben and Jerry’s ice cream melting in your mouth. But, it’s better! It’s as amazing as your first kiss. Well… unless that wasn’t all that great.

So, is it all about winning? I always thought so. I used to dream about winning. I would wait for the clock to turn 11:11 and wish to win Nationals. I did this every day the year I won.

Since I was a little kid, I hated losing. I despised it more than creepy crawling spiders! For those of you that know me, that’s some serious hatred.

My mom still tells the story about my first state gymnastics meet. I cried all the way home because I didn’t win. I was six years old at the time, and I was devastated. I really expected to win. I worked hard. I thought I was pretty good.  I had won numerous meets that year.

I couldn’t believe Allison LeBeau from Giguere’s Gymnastics beat me? It’s a little crazy that I still remember her name, and I remember the gym she was from. I remember losing. I don’t remember the car ride home and all the crying of course. I do remember the way I felt standing on that podium. I felt like kicking something. I didn’t… that temper tantrum came a few years later.

I’m the type of person who didn’t even like losing board games, cards, and fun dance contests I used to do with my cousins. We joke about it now. Krista and I were gymnasts and we basically rigged the contests. We’d partner up, throw some flips in our dance routine, and like magic—we’d win. Our poor cousins would let us do this weekend after weekend. Our super team would always be judged higher because of our flips. Why make the teams fair when we could win? Winning was just SO much fun!

Now that I’ve been out of the CrossFit competition scene for almost nine months, winning doesn’t seem as important to me. The most important thing for me is to get healthy. I almost don’t care if people kick my butt in the gym. Well, I do care a little. But, I’m more focused on getting just a little better each day. I’ve come to love this approach! It makes CrossFit much more fun. Is that even possible?

Sitting on the bleachers watching the regionals this year made me realize that winning isn’t everything. It’s the effort that you put in that you can treasure, and it’s that effort that inspires other people. It’s the standards you hold yourself to, the quality person that you’ve become, and the integrity in which you do everything. Knowing that you are doing everything possible to better yourself, your health, your LIFE and the lives around you. Now that’s important!

Watching NE Regionals, 2013

Watching NE Regionals, 2013

I watched as my friends, some of the top athletes that I know, didn’t make it to the Games. I was baffled by it?! I was even more baffled by the leaderboards in other regions. High level athletes weren’t qualifying. How come these amazing athletes weren’t winning?

I know these people are unbelievably fit even though they are staying home in July! I know that they put their blood, their sweat, their tears, and their heart on the line. That is why I respect them.

I am happy for my friends that did qualify. But, I respect all of these athletes equally. They have earned my respect because of who they are and what they stand for as people. They stand for health, beauty, hard work, determination and SO much more!

As I watched the top ladies competing, I realized that they don’t stand for winning at ALL. Of course, the top three athletes stood on the podium that day. But like the movie, Any Given Sunday, it could’ve been anyone on that field on that podium. That’s what I didn’t realize on that car ride home when I was six. I just thought that I wasn’t any good because I didn’t win. But, I could’ve beaten Allison. And, I did beat her in other meets. It’s just that any given Sunday someone may outscore you, outrun you, or just plain outperform you. When they do… hold your head up high knowing you gave your all, shake their hand, and think to yourself, “any given Sunday.”

I used to think winning was everything. Now I realize it’s not always the result, but what you put in to get there. And, let’s be honest…. sometimes you’ve got to let your mother win. But, only your mother!!

My Mom and I doing Murph

My Mom and I doing Murph