Watching…. Open WOD 13.1


I began my CrossFit journey again and then stopped it, and then started it, and stopped it… It’s been like a fun ride at an amusement park.  One minute I am playing with my friends, the next I’m down and out. Repeatedly, I am being thrown setbacks. The gland that I got surgery on continues to swell up and getting infected. I am trying to be patient.

However, the cycle is starting to get annoying. I work out for about two weeks and then my gland swells up and I am out sick for a week. This has been going on since I received clearance to CrossFit.  I’ve been living on antibiotics. I’ve been on them once a month since December. How crazy is that?!

It’s strange I keep trying to dial it back. Maybe if I only go three days a week? Maybe if I just do bodyweight movements? Maybe if I just work strength, which is my favorite thing EVER. But, nothing has really worked.

I can’t even express how difficult it was for me to do one burpee for 13.1. I wish I could’ve been like Jenny and did the WOD on one leg. I love the heart that she was able to poor into that workout.

Where was my heart, my fire? I did peel myself out of bed to go into the gym and do one fantastic burpee. Thank you judge Kathryn! I really wanted to cheer on my friends and be a part of the fun. Who wouldn’t? That’s basically what this Open is all about. People getting PRs, surprising themselves, surprising their coaches, and leaving it all out there. I LOVE that stuff!!


Me at Regionals 2012

Watching everyone struggle, face their internal battles and do the best they possibly could was inspiring. I sat there chomping at the bit. I sat there struggling with my own internal battle. I wanted to sweat and put my body to the test. I wanted to compete!

Unfortunately, my body couldn’t be tested. I had been in bed for three days and even cheering was exhausting. Usually, I’d choose to “suck it up” and compete. I wanted to SO badly!! But, this time was different. I chose my health.

Of course, my decision had a little influence from my good friends at CrossFit Route 1. I knew I was doing the right thing, but they helped me to see that doing this one workout would not help me to get any better. It would’ve in fact made me worse.

I might have cried on the way home… Talking to your coach and telling him that you are unable to compete because you are sick is one thing. Being faced with the reality that this is a fact and you can’t compete is a completely different story.


You see…. I love competition. I love winning. I love seeing my friends and teammates smile. And, I’ll admit it I love checking the leader board. It’s so fun to see how everyone is doing!!

As I am sidelined from doing the thing I love, I realize that determination plays a large role in success. It’s wonderful that way! And, I think that is part of the reason CrossFit carries over into so many people’s lives. You are determined to get through a work out. Once you do, you realize how powerful determination really is. You become determined to do other things, determined to improve yourself.


My first rope climb with Don on the left. 2011 Games on the right.

I was so fortunate as a child to have a great coach, Don Lothrop. He taught me how to react when I hit a bump in the road. The mental toughness he instilled in me has gotten me through nine surgeries, a heart condition, a broken back, a toe that needed to be pinned back onto my foot, a cancer scare, the death of my good friend, and many more hardships. What he bread as a coach was success. You see success isn’t just arbitrary. Success comes to the person that was determined enough to get there.  This year, I am determined to get healthy!