CrossFit, Does a Body Good!

Some of the Northeast Nasty Girls at the photo shoot

This weekend was amazing! Some of the fittest women in the Northeast came together to participate in a fundraiser for breast cancer.  We are developing a calendar and all of the proceeds are going to Barbells for Boobs. When these calendars are released to the public, I promise that you are going to LOVE them!

As we were doing the photo shoot I was thinking, “Could these ladies be any hotter”? If hotter is an actual word… Really though, what CrossFit does to a body is incredible. Amy Mandelbaum, one of my CrossFit heroines, is more than 10 years older then I am.  I’m looking at her and thinking, holy cow! This woman looks like she’s in her 20s. She looks incredible!! Does CrossFit actually make you look younger?

It surely makes you feel younger. And, it gives you hope about the aging process. Aging can be scary for some. I guess, I have always been a little afraid of aging. I dread that day that I look in the mirror and see that first gray hair, get wrinkles all over my face, and experience all the wonders that come with aging. Mostly, I dread that day that I can’t do the things that I love any more.

Since CrossFit, my view has changed. I look at Lisa Mikkelsen from CFNE and I want to be her. She out ran the men in the sprint at the 2011 games!! When I look at Lisa and Amy, I don’t see wrinkles or any of the wonders that come with aging. I see beautiful, fit women. I want to look like them, not in 10-15 years, now!

Lisa Mikkelsen at the 2011 NE Regionals

CrossFit levels the playing field. Although these women are in the “Masters” age group, they are competitive with people that are 10, 15, 20 years younger. Amy and Lisa may appear older on paper, but they stack up against all of us women that finished in the top in the Northeast this year. Knowing this fact makes me feel so much better about aging.

We were always told things like “you aren’t getting any younger”.  Well, that may be the case. But, who cares if when I am 20 years older I can still do the same things?

These women demonstrate how CrossFit really does do a body good! It may do a body good in other ways too. I overheard my guy friends talking about how CrossFit turns a “seven” to a “ten”. Well, I think the same goes for a guy. He could be a “seven” before CrossFit and then a “ten” after. If we are so mature as to rate people? And, if I was rating my girls this weekend, all these women are 10s!

LP at the photo shoot

Well, maybe Lauren Plumey is an 11? Yes ladies and gentlemen, she is a hottie! She could be the poster girl for how good CrossFit actually does a body.

This weekend I was not only impressed with the bodies of my fellow Crossfitters, but with their generosity and kindness. These ladies are the whole package. All of us have been working hard and dedicating a lot of time towards this fundraiser. We will be releasing sneak previews of the pictures taken at the photo shoot here and there to give you a taste for the calendar. So, keep your eyes peeled. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. And, after looking through this calendar you will truly believe that CrossFit does a body good!

Rachel, Kendra and I playing around on the prowler at the photo shoot


3 thoughts on “CrossFit, Does a Body Good!

  1. Lissa says:

    You girls are GORGEOUS and INSPIRATIONS for ALL women, young and old!!

  2. Jodie C. says:

    Alicia, great blog post. I can honestly say, as a woman coming of “age” it truly is a scary thing. I have done everything in my power to defy my age. I hate telling people how old I am and when people ask, I avoid the question entirely. I have spent countless hours chasing the 20 something year olds around at our box and at every competition. Endless lifting, running, du’s, wall balls, all in an effort to keep up with the youngsters. What I really want to do is thank every single one of those young athletes (and you) who push me everyday in the gym. Although I may not ever be able to catch any of them, they have helped me to be in the best shape of my life! And, as I approach the age of being able to compete in the masters division, I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I do, day in and day out. Amy M. and Lisa M. are true heroines of the sport and I gain inspiration from their accomplishments everyday.

    Looking forward to the calendar. You all look AMAZING!!! 🙂

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