Crying, in CrossFit?


My team at the Nor’easter Throw-down 

This weekend was probably the first time that I have ever cried in public. I participated in such an inspiring event. Bonfire, with the help of Reebok, hosted a Nor’easter Throw-down. This was my first competition since the CrossFit Games. I wasn’t really sure that I should enter it? I definitely didn’t want to take the spot of any athlete that wanted to compete. I thought that all the athletes at our gym that strived to compete should have a chance to do so. I also didn’t want to upset any other teams by competing with my friends. My friends are pretty good at CrossFit and we could be considered a super-team…  At the same time, this event is dear to my heart. So, I wanted to take part in it in some way. In the end, it was the best of both worlds! I competed with my friends, and we entered four teams of six people.


Me, having a blast overhead squatting a slosh pipe


Rach and I flipping a tire

Our athletes did amazing!! I was really proud to see the gymnasts I have coached out there competing again, all of our new members of our gym, and a few veterans to guide the way. I was just so pleased with our community. When I say community, I don’t just mean CrossFit Wicked. I mean the greater community of gyms on the North Shore. We are a big family up here! And, we came out to fundraise for an important cause. This event wasn’t about competition. It was about fundraising for the Mauli Ola Foundation for kids with cystic fibrous.


CF Wicked team members competing as I cheer them on

When Bryant’s story was being told, I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. The fact that his son was still in the hospital was heart wrenching. I’m even emotional writing this. It’s just incredible what this family has gone through. They are brave, loving, caring, and strong. I can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster they have been on for about a year now. I can only imagine, and even imagining is scary for me. Their newborn baby has been diagnosed with cystic fibrous.

Seeing Kate and Laura, the two young girls that this fundraiser was developed around last year, puts me in awe. They may have cystic fibrous, but you wouldn’t know it. They crossfit!! They surf! They kick butt! They are an inspiration to us all. I wanted to compete for them. I’m sure that the difficulty they face living with cystic fibrous is so much greater then any WOD that I will take on. But, you wouldn’t know it talking to them. You surely wouldn’t know it watching them crossfit!! I have been fortunate enough to coach them.


Kate and Laura with their Uncle Steve, founder of Bonfire

This weekend was about fun, teamwork, and all of those good things.  But it was about so much more then that! Most importantly, it was a fundraiser for cystic fibrous. It was a way to provide a better life for three children that are stronger then I will ever be. I cried hearing their stories, but I’m not going to continue to worry about these kids. I know if they are affiliated with Bonfire, they are in good hands.


My team with Doc Franson of Bonfire Health and Bryant of Reebok


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